Core Values

  • We are proud to be a Black-led organization, and work to keep People of Color in the majority of our multi-racial steering committee.

  • We prioritize the voices, views, and needs of People of Color within our organization and in the community. We feature authors, artists, academics, and special guests of color at our events.

  • We believe in transformation; and provide anti- racist education and resources.

  • We invite White people to explore the impact of Whiteness and challenge White Supremacy -- both personal and institutional. White steering committee members and volunteers are charged with engaging other White folks in this work.

  • We stand with all marginalized and oppressed communities including but not limited to LGBTQ+, Muslims, immigrants of all statuses, the disabled, and mentally ill. We make ourselves available for support and rapid response to social injustice.

  • We celebrate diversity and push for inclusion, equity, and justice in all dimensions of society and human experience.