Workshops + Community Conversations

Since forming in 2016, we have hosted private and public workshops and community conversations about race and racism.  Would you like a workshop or presentation for your group, business or organization? Drop us a line. 


2018 Highlights



Science Behaving Badly: Intersections of Racism and Medicine.

For our first 2018 public offering, we learned about intersections of racism and medicine with our own Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan of the Cal Poly Department of Ethnic Studies. 

Topics discussed: Medical Racism, Reproductive Health Disparities, The American Eugenics Movement, and The Tuskegee Experiment.

We were thrilled with the turnout! We counted 82 folks from all walks of life- from Atascadero to Santa Maria, spanning ages 17 to 70+.



Appreciation or Appropriation? 

No longer a subject confined within academia, Cultural Appropriation debates dominate social media platforms and blogs where reality stars, singers, fashion designers, restaurateurs, and everyday folks are called out.

Why is Cultural Appropriation problematic? What distinguishes appreciation from appropriation -- cultural exchange from cultural theft? We grappled with all of this and more with an esteemed panel including: Dr. Grace I. Yeh, Sandra Sarrouf, Adrienne Garcia- Specht, Cameron Clay, and Dr. Leola Dublin Macmillan.